Modern Vs Vintage Bedroom Furniture

A bedroom with luxury furniture

When it comes to furniture, you can’t go wrong surrounding yourself with the pieces you love. Whether it’s vintage home decor or a more modern one, there’s plenty of inspiration. However, if you aren’t exactly sure about your style, vintage and modern furniture have specific characteristics that make them uniquely appealing.

As with anything, modern and vintage furniture can also be mixed, giving your bedroom or any room a timeless feel with a modern twist. Yet, here’s what you need to consider before you begin shopping or researching for furniture online.

Furniture: Vintage

Vintage designs have remained popular for decades and signify a timeless aesthetic value. The furniture is formal and comes from the era until the end of the Victorian period before modernization became popular.

If you consider vintage furniture or decor, try and focus your search on rich and dark colors. Think about dark woods like walnut, which’s tightly-grained and naturally dark. If you like patterns in your ottomans, curtains, or couches, vintage designs apply paisleys, florals, stripes, and plaids, again in darker colors like hunter green, navy, and plum.

Vintage furniture has many details, like ornate marbles on tabletops, claw-foot legs on tables, and heavy, metal hardware. Most of the wood designs are hand-carved. A majority of the pieces have inlaid sections in bone, ivory, or solid brass.

If you tend to enjoy more vintage-inspired, detailed designs with rich history, vintage furniture should appeal to you the most.


These designs may appeal to you more than vintage. If you like polished finishes and clean lines. Modern furniture refers to the ones produced from the late 19th century till today. These are heavily influenced by modernism, using suitable materials in design and cutting excess.

These designs are linen, lighter wood, and leather. Certain pieces may also use plastic and polished metal. Modern doesn’t have the embellishments that come with vintage furniture and are uncomplicated in that regard.

One misconception is that contemporary and modern styles are the same. Meaning they have strong lines with natural colors, while contemporary designs change based on the present. Yet, modern design refers explicitly to mid-century style. It is rooted in the early to mid-1900s.

If you wish to add modern furniture to your home, try and find pieces with bold, angular structures and sharp edges which are highly functional. Find natural colors that are warm, classically designed, and unembellished. If you like more natural materials like wood, linen, and leather, choose modern.

Which One Has The Most Appeal?

There is a lot to love about the warmth and ornate details in vintage furniture and the linear look in modern decor. The thing that’s holding you back from choosing one or the other is your imagination.

If you don’t feel confident when choosing large pieces for your space, seek the help of a designer. They are educated in design and can help you get started. These professionals will enable you to see your bedroom space in many different ways so you can land on a design that fits your style and appeals to you the most.