Fully decorated sofa set

Fully decorated sofa set

Decorating your home from top to bottom is very expensive, especially when factoring in the cost of minor renovations, furniture, decorative accents and paint. While it may seem easier to turn to e-retailers for adding personality to your space, going with a more affordable DIY home décor is a good idea.

So, the next time you get some downtime, bring out your toolkit, craft supplies, and get to work on some easy home projects. Some DIY décor, like a custom-made faux concrete wall, can completely transform a room, while others can add a handmade, Pinterest-worthy appeal without breaking the bank.

Whatever the case, today, let’s discuss 8 easy-to-make DIY décor crafts that can give new life to your living room, bedroom, entryway or kitchen. What’s more, most of these DIYs tap into today’s home design trends, everything from vintage accents to antiques.

So, without further ado, here are the DIY projects that require no handyperson or crafting skills to make yet still add a chic look to your house.

1.    Blanket Ladder

Your living room isn’t complete unless it consists of a DIY blanket ladder. Still, before putting a wooden blanket ladder on display, try and dress up a plain blanket by creating pom-poms from thick yarn with extra-large tassels and knotting them onto the end.

2.    Coin Bank

If you want your kids to learn that every penny counts, you can make a coin bank out of an empty disinfectant wipes container. You’ll need to clean the outside of the container and attach your own “Fun Money” label to it.

3.    Shutter Side Table

Skip the hassle of painting and embrace a weathered finish by making this side table out of old farmhouse shutters.

4.    Ruffle Accent Lamp

You can fill your home with Anthropologie-inspired DIY decor at a fraction of its actual price. All you require is an old lamp, a hot glue gun, and some linen fabric.

5.    Chic DIY Cabinet Tray

With a pair of drawer pulls and paint, a salvaged cabinet door can become a TV dinner tray or a makeshift cheese board. For making this craft, fill holes in the board with wood filler and let them dry. Pre-drill holes, paint and sand the surfaces, and screw in the handles.

6.    DIY Patterned Dresser

Spruce up the chest of drawers with new wallpaper, hardware, and paint. Even a combination of wallpaper samples can get the job done if you’re looking for an economical solution.

7.    Wall-Mounted Easel

Your kid’s habit of writing on the wall isn’t a bad thing. An easel can be attached to any blank wall, doubling it as a place for putting your kid’s art on display and your grocery list in plain sight.

8.    DIY Book Side Table

You can put your dusty encyclopedias to good use with this DIY side table. For assembly, cut trim to form a box frame that fits snugly around one book, nail it to the tabletop’s underside, and then paint the top.

Drill a hole as per the dowel size through each book’s center and then glue the dowel to the center of the table’s underside. Stack the encyclopedias, lining up holes and twisting them. Lastly, skewer the dowel through the holes for securing everything to the tabletop.