A front view of colorful houses

A front view of colorful houses

Like the hues you select for the indoors, exterior house colors should be the ones you love coming home to day after day. With that being said, if you wish to color your exterior for adding appeal or maybe for selling your house in the future, consider your colors wisely.

Before you start searching for the color combinations, here’s a list of 8 astounding exterior color ideas that can help make your search more accessible and less overwhelming.

1.    All-Black

Complete black exteriors are entirely different now as people are inclining towards this surprising and modern look even with traditional-style homes. Saturated and dark shades have the power to make any house stand out and look trendy.

With choices like Tricorn Black, you can consider Iron Ore or the color of the year, Urbane Bronze, as these pair beautifully with a home’s surrounding greenery. If you don’t want to paint your exterior with a dark color entirely, use them for the front door, as they make for a classic focal point.

2.    Creams And Warm White Exteriors

Instead of brighter white, more severe options with soothing energy are increasing in popularity. Pure whites are shifting to more nuanced whites that sit softly on a weather-boarded exterior. An example is Shaded White with its gentle green tone. The color feels less sharp and looks sophisticated when teamed with a dark color such as Studio Green.

3.    Dusty Charcoal Exterior

Richer shades of charcoal are skyrocketing in popularity.  Slate roof shade transforms shingle-style homes completely. Covering the formerly beige exterior with a coat of charcoal looks chic and adds to the house’s overall aesthetic.

4.    Vibrant Green Exterior 

Rich green shades are becoming a go-to for homeowners in 2021. Because they are a nod to nature’s rejuvenating qualities. Green colors can also impact elements such as structural planting in your garden. Darker exteriors are also very flattering to greenery. For instance, a fence or brickwork painted in Green Smoke will accentuate your flowering plants. 

5.    Classic Navy Exterior

This classic shade is now rounding the bend towards a modern look. A popular exterior color in 2021, the Newburyport Blue is ideal for both contemporary and traditional facades. This shade pairs well with several contrasting accents, like rich yellow and natural wood textures. Dark blue-gray is another option for those looking to capture a sea-inspired style.

6.    Muted Pastels With Charcoal Shades

When choosing an accent shade for your home with darker siding, consider various non-traditional shades for an eye-catching and playful combination. For accents and trims, pastels like lemon, pink, baby blue can add much-needed cheer and fun to exteriors. Additionally, Ocean Air Pleasant Pink and Weston Flax are a few other recent favorites. 

7.    Teal And Greige

You can still accomplish a modern look without using too many shocking hues. Greige, gray, and beige with a teal door make natural wood with stone accents give a modern spin on any traditional home. This combination looks welcoming and warm without feeling dated.

8.    Tan, Blue And Red

Adding some red and tan to the architectural features and highlight trim is an eye-catching choice by designers. Blue is one popular exterior color for homes in waterside settings. The trio of these hues gives your house more of a Scandinavian feeling.